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with the world’s only beautiful

Cirque Acrobat Caddie Girls…

The World Famous Acrobat Caddie Games™ Challenges & Rewards

No other caddies are this much fun!
During your rounds, win these:

Par 3 Bumpers

Is this for you?

Female Golf Caddies Specializing In:

Traditional Guy Outing

Just a fun day at the course with the guys.

Entertaining Clients

We help create an unforgettable experience for your clients…

Entertaining Golf Clients

Special Occasions, Birthday & Bachelor Parties

“Best Present Ever!!!” ~John

Birthday Golf Present

Meet Your Lead Golf Caddie:

What do you get when you mix these 3 things?

Golf Caddie Girl Acrobat Dasha

Hi Guys! Welcome to Las Vegas…

We are the World Famous Acrobat Caddie Girls. Las Vegas’ only genuine female forecaddies.

Guests to any Las Vegas golf course can reserve an Acrobat Caddie Girl, exclusively right here on this page, who will serve as your golf concierge and caddie during your round. Not only are we young and cute (if I do say so myself), but our caddie skills have been tested through an intensive training program, and tee to green we can match up to any traditional caddie program anywhere. Reserve your caddie today and have some golf fun, Vegas style!

What we do:

  • Assists golfers throughout their round
  • Provides expert information of course
  • Provides distance to the flag
  • Creates a fun atmosphere
  • Replaces divots and fixes ball marks (in the cutest way possible 🙂
  • Informs players of obstacles
  • Maintains scorecard (ok ok I won’t touch the scorecard if you insist)

We are:

  • Professional & Helpful
  • We know how to have FUN!
  • Expert knowledge of the course & golf etiquette...

How it works?

  1. Choose your Acrobat Caddie Package below
  2. Select the number of caddies you’d like to book
  3. Enter your payment information…
  4. Then you’ll verify your course & dates…

If you have any questions, give me a call (Dasha  702.704.5206)

Female Caddie Service

  • Par
  • Includes:

    • Pro Acrobat Caddie
    • Acrobat Caddie Rewards (See Above)
    • Fun Photos Taken During Round
  • $197
    per caddie
  • Birdie
  • Includes:

    • Pro Acrobat Caddie
    • Acrobat Caddie Rewards (See Above)
    • Fun Photos Taken During Round
  • Reg $300
    per caddie
  • Ten (10) Birdies
  • Includes:

    • Pro Acrobat Caddie
    • Acrobat Caddie Rewards (See Above)
    • Fun Photos Taken During Round
    • This is (10) Birdie Packages – Saves 10%
  • $1,800
    10 Birdie Packages

Price Comparison

Less than a bad run at Blackjack and definitely WAY MORE FUN!

“I had a blast – Dasha is so beautiful if she wasn’t a Russian Spy, I’d be dating her. Two thumbs up.”

Donald TrumpPresident Of The United States

“Dasha kicked me in the head when I said my socks are worth more than this whole golf course – I’m in love!”

Conor McGregorUFC Champion


Do I pay before the booking or after?

To ensure your reservation, I recommend you reserve your caddies online (above) or over the phone (702.704.5206) with a credit card. All tipping is preferred to be cash, given at the end of the round.

Do we need to get additional golf carts?

It all depends really on the starter. Most courses let us squeeze into a cart if they are large enough. Some however only allow two to a cart. This means if you book one caddy for a foursome, you will need three carts. This is customary and the girl will rotate what carts she drives every 3-4 holes.

Cart Fees?

99% of the time, the starters will allow the caddies to take a cart without charge but we have experienced during the high season or when the course is full, the course WILL charge an average of $25 per cart. This fee is the responsibility of the golfer (not the Acrobat Caddies) This extra charge is not included in the caddie fees.

What courses do you caddy at?

las vegas golf courses

How much is the recommended tip?

The recommended tip is $25 to $50 per bag. All tipping is preferred to be cash, given at the end of the round.

Some Unconventional Las Vegas Travel Advice...

I love Las Vegas. There is an energy there that is palpable. I know I am not alone, because the city draws 40 million tourists a year from around the globe. And everyone has advice for what to do – the top 10 lists, the must-see lists, and so on.

We can dispense with that quickly. There is only one must-see: the Bellagio fountains.

What I want to tell you is how to get an experience for your money, by being loose with it.

Here are 6 suggestions for your next trip to Las Vegas:

  1. While on the way from one spot to another and walking through a casino, bet $100, cash, on a table bet, and add an extra $20 for the dealer. Just step up and do it. One hand of blackjack, a roulette spin, the pass line at craps – whatever. Just do it. No ceremony, no chips, no delay. And no hanging around, win or lose.
  2. Buy a bottle of champagne. You can do it at a night club, but a less traditional time and place makes it better. Do it as your first round of drinks at dinner. Get one at a casino lounge bar.  Order one poolside. Use room service if you are with someone special.
  3. Play credit card roulette. When out with friends for drinks or a meal, do not split the bill. Take a napkin from the table, or a hat, and have everyone put in a credit card. Ask the server to pull out cards one at a time until one remains. That is who pays the bill.
  4. Tip the maitre d’ when you arrive at a restaurant.
  5. Play a round of golf with an Acrobat Caddie (shameless self promotion) We are beautiful and many of us are Olympic level gymnasts, circus performers and even professional elephant riders.
  6. Group parlay. Pick a sport (horse-racing will do) and everyone makes one pick from different events and throws in $5. Buy a parlay card for the full amount using each person’s pick. You will not win. You will be able to tease relentlessly the person who made the wrong pick.

Changing your attitude to money can make a big difference in how you enjoy yourself in Vegas. And elsewhere.

What are those Famous Acrobat Caddie Rewards all about?

It’s a few fun games we put together that makes the round FUN and unforgettable!

You can win:

  1. Birdie Hugs
  2. Par 3 Bumpers
  3. Bad-boy Embarrassment (This is more of a punishment…. bad-boy)
  4. Fairway Handstand Competition
  5. And the extra sexy and world famous “Oops – It’s Top Secret”

What do you wear?

Check out our photos above. We wear super cute golf attire: golf shirt, short skirt & sometimes cutesy knee socks… 🙂

10 Things About Me...

  • I was born in Moscow, Russia
  • I was on the Russian Gymnastics National Team
  • I then came to the wonderful United States at 17 years old 🙂
  • I’m a professional elephant rider (I kid you not.)
  • I joined Ringing Bros. & Barnum and Bailey’s Circus and traveled to all 50 states by circus train. Woohoo!
  • I performed at the United States Pentagon (not a Russian spy wink* wink*)
  • You can check out my Aerial & Acrobatic work here:
  • I performed in several Cirque Du Soleil Shows, with 4 years at The Beatle LOVE Show… Loved it!
  • I love to cook.
  • I’ve been a caddie for 4 years.

Cancellation and Booking Fee Policy

$49 is non-refundable 

Full Refund minus $49 booking fee: If you cancel your reservation at least 72 hours before your tee time.

50% Refund: If you cancel at least 48 hours before your tee time.

No Refund 24 Hour Cancellation Policy: You will be charged the full amount of your booking if you cancel within 24 hours of your tee time.  We still have to pay our caddie girls for being scheduled the day of the round because they reserve that time for you and decline other work.

No Show at Tee Time: No Refund and a bounty for your head.

The reason for these fees is that our caddie girls turn down work because that day is reserved for you.

Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Golf Tournaments
  • Golf Related Conventions
  • Spokes Modeling
  • Golf Brand Ambassadors
  • Golf Brand Promotions
  • We are not just pretty faces – we are high level performers and caddies

Email me at or give me a call at 702-704-5206

Contact Information

If you would rather contact us directly or speak with a specialist regarding large groups, please feel free to call us at 786.397.0454


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